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Article: How to have Happy Feet.

How to have Happy Feet.

How to have Happy Feet.


You know those things at the end of your legs that you kind of tend to forget about except when using them as an excuse to buy some fabulous new shoes or they are aching after a day of high heel punishment?

Well, today we have brought in an expert to talk about foot health and most importantly some tips and tricks for saving you from seriously sore feet after the socialising that December brings.

So let us introduce you to Michelle from the Integrated Podiatry Clinic  who is seriously, what we like to call, a bit of a foot whisperer. And if you happen to be near South Yarra or Camberwell then we highly recommend you get yourself in for a Medical Pedicure with this miracle worker pronto! 




Tell us about yourself (especially…why feet?!)

I’ve been a podiatrist for the past 11 years and was initially drawn to this career through my love of sport. Being a competitive runner and netballer, I experienced many foot and ankle injuries, meaning I was able to appreciate firsthand just how our important feet are. I also watched my parents suffer with their own foot troubles (Mum with bunions and Dad with the consequences of being a professional runner and football umpire). They both regularly saw a podiatrist, so it was ingrained in me that foot care was a key component in overall good health and wellbeing.


Tell us about your practice

I founded Integrated Podiatry Clinic 18 months ago with the vision of changing the often-negative perception of feet and podiatry within the community. It has been my mission to help people love their feet and provide education on the best ways to look after them. Over my career I’ve noticed people often neglect their feet and usually don’t give them a second thought until something goes wrong. Too often, I have heard my patients in their late 60s and 70s say they wish they had been more proactive taking care of their feet. My goal through my practice is to make preventative foot care more appealing and popular, especially amongst younger people.


What exactly does a Podiatrist do?

Podiatrists assess, treat and prevent conditions of the lower leg, ankles and feet. We can help with the following things:

  • General foot care (eg. ingrown toenails, callus, corns, tinea, warts)
  • Sports and biomechanical issues (eg. plantar fasciitis, shin splints, heel pain, bunions, ankle sprains and tendonitis)
  • Chronic health conditions (eg. Diabetes and Arthritis)
  • Children’s development


How often should we see a podiatrist for a foot health check?

This can vary for each individual and we suggest booking in for an initial consultation to work out what will be of benefit for you. Most people come for their routine treatment every 6 weeks, however if you are not experiencing problems a check-up every 6-12 months is recommended.


Any advice for dealing with tired and sore feet at the end of the day?

We’re no stranger to the pain associated with a day in heels, so to help with your recovery here are some suggestions:

1. Stretching – just as it’s important to warm up, it’s equally important to cool down. A long day or night in heels means many of the leg muscles have been contracted for a long period of time. Performing the same stretches mentioned above following the event will be of benefit.
2. Get rolling – using a foam roller or spiky ball on your calf muscles and soles of your feet can help relax the muscles, breakdown any tight spots and increase circulation to the area. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, however your feet and legs will thank you for it later.
3. Magnesium foot bath – after long time on your feet, a foot soak is a great excuse for some ‘me time’. We love using The Base Collective’s Magnesium Salt for our foot bath. If soaking isn’t your thing, they also have a Magnesium Oil which can be applied directly to the skin.


If you would like to put your feet in good hands then you can contact Michelle right here and follow her on Instagram over here!



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