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How to relax and unwind

How to relax and unwind

DID YOU KNOW that “how to sleep?” is the sixth most common ‘how to’ question searched on Google with more than 2 billion results?

Sleep is fundamentally important to our health, but many of us are simply not getting enough.

We’re cutting through all the noise to help you unwind and catch those necessary z’s.


HOW TO WIND DOWN BEFORE BED (hint: it’s all about the routine!):

  • Cut down on electronics at least 30 mins before bed time
    • Why not fill in the time by soaking the day away with our Beauty Sleep Wash in the bath?
  • Meditate or practice mindfulness
    • Take the time to slow down and find peace. As it creates a state similar to what happens in your body during the early phases of sleep, you’re basically getting a head start!
  • Develop a bedtime routine
    • Set the mood by listening to some relaxing music, turning the lights down and prep your body using our Magnesium & Lavender Beauty Sleep Spray


Why is sleep so important anyway, you ask?

Well, getting your beauty sleep isn’t a cliché — a good night’s sleep can mean good skin health.



  • Decreases the moisture levels in your skin and lowers your complexion’s PH levels, which in turn leads the skin to look dull and dry – no thank you.
  • Blood vessels dilate creating those annoying dark bags or circles under your eyes
  • A drop-in collagen results in poor skin elasticity and therefore, wrinkles! As if we don’t have enough problems!


Long story short, sleep is essential for the growth and nourishment of your body and your skin, regenerating your cells and getting rid of toxins. 

You can slather on the most expensive beauty products, but nothing can beat the benefits of a good night's sleep. 



Relax and unwind with our Magnesium & Lavender Beauty Sleep Wash, apply the ultimate before bed-time moisturiser with the Magnesium & Lavendar Beauty Sleep Balm, or spray the day away with our Magnesium & Lavender Beauty Sleep Oil Spray.  


Sweet dreams xx

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