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Article: Silicone Face Mask vs Sheet Face Mask: What’s all the fuss?

Silicone Face Mask vs Sheet Face Mask: What’s all the fuss?

Silicone Face Mask vs Sheet Face Mask: What’s all the fuss?

If you’re addicted to the self-care activity of sheet face masks, it’s time to make the swap to a silicone mask.

Many sheet masks available on the market come soaked in serums thick with liquid silicones, a class of ingredients that leaves a thin, shiny film on the skin’s surface to create the illusion of a “glow.” While they make skin look healthier, they don’t actually contribute to its overall health.


Enter our Reusable Ultra Infusion Mask: designed to lock in hydration and enhance skincare.


Based on wound care technology, the mask is made from advanced silicone. Not only does it prevent evaporation by locking in moisturisers and serums for deeper penetration of the skin and therefore elevating their efficacy, but it’s also non-porous so doesn’t absorb your precious skincare like other masks can.

Our silicone Reusable Ultra Infusion Mask is also incredibly easy to clean, so you don’t risk transferring acne-causing bacteria between uses. Simply wipe off any excess cream or serum and wash under warm water with a mild soap. Allow to air dry and then put back in its cute little keep case for when you next feel like indulging in the luxurious act of self-love.

Because it can be used again and again (and again!), the environmentally friendly alternative doesn’t contribute to landfills like single-use sheet masks do. We all know the extremely detrimental impact that plastic straws have on the environment by contributing to the world’s pollution problem, but what if we told you this:


Sheet masks are the new plastic straws.


It may seem a dramatic statement but it’s true. Like any single-use product that’s difficult or impossible to recycle, they’re extremely wasteful. A sheet mask only exists to be put on, soaked in, then discarded to where it exists for eternity.

Much like our range of our multipurpose products, the Reusable Ultra Infusion Mask contributes to a sustainable beauty routine to reduce over-consumption.

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