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Article: Stockist Spotlight: The Lab Organics

Stockist Spotlight: The Lab Organics

Stockist Spotlight: The Lab Organics



We've been very lucky to have some amazing businesses want to stock our products, and going forward we are going to start shining a blog related spotlight on them!  

To kick us off we have the fabulous Jo Jackson, owner of  The Lab Organics.

Tell us a little about you and your business.

 We opened our Carlton North Store in 2011 and our website launched in 2013.

I worked as a buyer for large Australian retailer for 10 + years, I was always passionate about natural & organic products and wanted to create an environment women (and men) could come to to experience Luxury natural / organic cosmetics + lifestyle products away from the local health food store.


What is your favourite thing about running The Lab Organics?

I love we help people to find a passion and appreciate natural/organics products. Seeing the results good skincare and honest advise can make. Building amazing relationships and friendships. I especially love hearing when customers come in and say “ I love this shop” and “ I always get side-tracked when I’m in here” it really fills my soul…

Are you online or do you have a retail store?


Our store is located at 360 Rathdowne Street North Carlton - VIC or you can shop online at

You can also find us on instagram at @thelaborganics


Do you specialize in organic or natural products?

Sure Do!!


What is your favourite The Base Collective product?

Magnesium oil – bathroom staple.



Images via The Weekly Review

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