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Article: Eczema Self-Care

Eczema Self-Care

It’s Eczema Awareness Week so we’re bringing some light to the very common skin condition that affects more than 1 million Australians.


Also called atopic dermatitis, eczema is a very common skin condition that is used to describe red, dry itchy and scaly skin. It can occur at any age but is typically seen in babies and young children until it usually disappears around six years of age – however, it a small percentage may continue to experience it well into adulthood.


Currently, there is no known cure for eczema, but proper treatment can offer symptom control.


Please note: If you think you have eczema, we recommend you see a doctor or skin specialist as only they can formally diagnose you. They can prescribe medication and suggest treatments that suit you best as each case is highly individual.



Some self-care measures may include:


  • Moisturise your skin at least twice a day to prevent dryness, and whenever your skin feels dry and itchy. Find a product or combination of products that works for you, such as our Magnesium & Vitamin E Cream which is formulated with natural and organic ingredients specifically for sensitive skin.


  • Don't scratch. Rather than scratching when you itch, try pressing firmly or pinching the skin. Cover the itchy area if you can't keep from scratching it. It might help to trim your nails or even gloves at night.


  • Apply bandages. Covering the affected area with bandages helps protect the skin and prevent scratching.


  • Take a warm bath with baking soda or uncooked oatmeal. Soak for up to 15 minutes, then apply moisturiser while the skin is still damp.


  • Choose soaps or washes without dyes and fragrances as they can be particularly irritating to skin with or without eczema! Our Magnesium & White Tea Wash is designed to be extra hydrating for your skin with a formulation of 40% Aloe Vera Juice and balances your skin’s natural pH levels without stripping it of natural oils.


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