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Do all of your products contain Magnesium?

Nearly, but not all. Our Sleep Spray doesn't as it is considered an aromatherapy formulation to be used on bedlinen or pyjamas before bedtime. The blend of Chamomile and Lavender is what does the trick with this product. 

Does Organic mean Certified Organic?

The short answer is no. When we can - we definitely do (get certified that is). When we can't, we use the most natural ingredients and components available (and quite often these themselves are certified organic). So you always know where you stand, we list everything we use in each product on the label - not just the active ingredients.  

How do I know which products are Certified Organic?

We will always include in the product description if the product is Certified Organic and there's a little logo on the back of our certified products too. 

Where do you manufacture?

We are Australian Made and Australian Owned.  

The bottles look great - but do they contain BPA?

No, definitely not. We like to be able to pronounce all of the ingredients in our products including the packaging.

Do you test on animals?

No, only on children related to us.

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

Our products contain natural ingredients that have been specifically chosen to be as gentle on the skin as possible. If you have sensitive skin we always recommend you do a patch test before using any products (ours or anyone elses). And if you have super-sensitive skin then always check with your health care professional before switching things up.

Is The Base Collective sold in stores?

We have partnered with some fabulous stockists who have a combination of online and physical stores and you can check them out right here.

I've changed my mind. What can I do?

Click on through to our returns and exchanges page and we can help.

How much is shipping?

Spending under $69? Shipping is a flat $8 Australia Wide

Spending over $69? For you, it's on us.

Where do you ship?

As of right now, we ship within Australia. Please note due to the COVID-19 crisis Australia Post is experiencing delays. We're hoping to be heading off on more overseas adventures soon though.

General Shipping Questions?

We've got a whole page right here dedicated to the topic

Your bottles look a little different... whats going on? 

Why thank you for noticing! We're making a few minor tweaks to our packaging so you might notice some changes from before. For example we won an award for our Magnesium & White Tea Hand and Body Wash... and not that we like to brag but we couldn't help but put the medal on our packaging.

What else are you doing to be sustainable?

Here at The Base Collective, sustainability isn’t just a buzz word. We pride ourselves on creating skincare that is safe for us, safe for the planet, and all natural without any toxic components. That’s why we are so pleased to announce that we want to reduce our footprint even further by giving you the option to have your online delivery packed into recycled cardboard boxes.

Your products will still be handled with the usual love and care, just a little more environmentally friendly! 


Still curious?

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