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Article: How To Get Rid Of Maskne

How To Get Rid Of Maskne

How To Get Rid Of Maskne

With masks a part of the foreseeable future, it’s time to adapt your daily skincare routine to treat and prevent the dreaded maskne. 

But before we get into our tips for maintaining healthy and happy skin, how does this problem actually develop?

Acne occurs when your skin becomes clogged with oil and dead skin cells, which builds into those pesky pimples.

When putting on a mask, you’re creating an environment where your hair follicles can’t ‘breathe’ properly, and therefore are more prone to clogging. Add the hot air and sweat that’s created by the mask against your skin, and it becomes the ideal place for acne-causing bacteria. Now that you better understand the problem, let’s take a look at how you can keep maskne at bay!


Wash, wash and wash

If you’re wearing a reusable mask, you should already be keeping it as clean as you can with regular, everyday washing. This also keeps it extra hygienic for the skin as it removes oils and skin cells that can collect inside the mask. Use only gentle detergents and minimal fragrances to avoid skin irritation.

Chain it up

Not only is a chain convenient (never lose your mask again!) it also helps reduce the number of germs and acne-causing bacteria spread by tossing your mask on a table or inside your purse.

A quick fix

If you’re wearing your mask on a hot day, a quick, occasional swipe with a gentle face wipe can go a long way toward removing the sweat and dirt build-up. Keep them in your purse or at the desk at work so you don't forget!

Switch to non-toxic skincare

A gentle cleanser can help remove excess oil, sweat, and bacteria. Avoid cleansers that contain alcohol or perfume as these ingredients can cause irritation and make it harder for your symptoms to heal. We recommend using a pH balanced wash with non-toxic ingredients for extra happy skin.

Minimise makeup

If possible, don’t wear makeup! It already prevents your skin from breathing, and beneath a mask it can significantly contribute to clogged pores. If necessary, turn to products labelled 'non-comedogenic' or mineral makeup.

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