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Article: Benefits of Magnesium

Benefits of Magnesium

Benefits of Magnesium

Most people know of Magnesium as the go-to mineral for muscle cramps, tension, stress management and other bodily functions.

Lesser known, Magnesium is essential for good skin health. Here are the top three reasons for how the mineral can improve your skin, which we can help with!


1. Magnesium is great for acne and inflamed skin for many reasons - it’s anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and naturally hydrates the skin. It also lowers cortisol production, so has the potential to reduce hormonal acne by stabilising imbalances within the body. Like many allergies, working from the inside out is often the best method!

Easily top up Magnesium levels in your skin with our Magnesium Oil: the most concentrated on the market with more than 40mg/mL of elemental Magnesium. Add a couple of drops to your favourite moisturiser for a diluted approach to your face. Save future shipping costs and purchase a set of 3 here!

2. Are you finding your skin is affected by external aggressors? We’re talking the cooler weather, washing your hands and using hand sanitiser more frequently, or even using creams and moisturisers that claim to hydrate but are full of hidden chemicals… Magnesium has natural calming and hydrating properties that have the capability to improve the overall condition and appearance of your skin without drying it out!

Our Magnesium & White Tea Wash will balance your skin without stripping it's natural oils and moisture. Replenish your bathroom with our larger 500ml size, or try it out with our smaller 350ml edition.

3. What a lot of people don’t realise is that your Magnesium delivers super nourishing hydration through your skin! Therefore, you can apply Magnesium skincare directly to where needs it the most. Magnesium applied to your skin (aka transdermal application) doesn’t have to go via your gut so you can target your application without any side effects.

Fight signs of ageing or external aggressors with our Magnesium & Vitamin E Cream - perfect for face and hands. Feel like the rest of your body needs something a little more heavy-duty? Our Magnesium & White Tea Body Balm is a luxurious yet surprisingly light solution to dry skin.

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