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Baby wash, Lavender Sleep Spray and Magnesium cream lying on yellow background with toys around.

Magnesium For Kids Sleep & Skin Health

Introducing our Magnesium for kids, a skincare routine that will create bedtime bliss for your little ones! Unveil the magic of magnesium as it gently soothes and calms, paving the way for a restful night's sleep. 

Crafted with love and care in Australia, our Magnesium Skincare collection is designed to create a serene and calm pre-bedtime ritual. Let the soothing properties of magnesium work their wonders, easing away tensions and lulling your child into dreamland.

Say goodbye to bedtime battles and hello to peaceful slumber!  Embrace the power of nature's own clever mineral and transform bedtime into a delightful experience for both you and your little one.

Nurturing your child's well-being is our top priority. That's why our Magnesium Skincare is made with gentle, natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and calming journey to dreamland. Proudly Australian Made and Owned.

Discover the secret to a good night's sleep with our Magnesium Skincare collection. Embrace the bedtime magic and watch your child drift off to dreamland, feeling relaxed, content, and ready for a world of sweet dreams. 💤🌛✨

Shop now and create bedtime enchantment with our Magnesium Skincare - your child's ticket to a peaceful slumber.

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Kids Magnesium Oil Bundle
Kids Magnesium Oil Bundle Sale price$40.00 USD
Save $6.00Kids Magnesium & Lavender  Balm 100gKids Magnesium & Lavender  Balm 100g
Kids Magnesium & Lavender Balm 100g Sale price$17.00 USD Regular price$23.00 USD
Baby Body wash with lavender and chamomile, magnesium cream for kids, lavender sleep spray by The Base collective together with a blue background.Magnesium for kids sleep balm by The Base Collective on white background with arrows pointing to tub with text describing benefits.
Organic Baby Wash by The Base Collective against a blue backgroundLittle by The Base Collective Baby Wash with baby hand aching it on white background
Kids Sunscreen SPF50 110g
Kids Sunscreen SPF50 110g Sale price$30.00 USD
Lavender Sleep Spray by The Base Collective on a cloud against a light blue backgroundLittle Lavender sleep spray with baby hand in against a white back ground.
Baby wash with lavender and chamomile by The Base Collective with lavender sleep spray leaving against it against a light blue background. Natural Body Wash by The Base Collective against white background with swirls and text describing benefits.
Little by TBC Duo Sale price$35.00 USD
Save $18.00Magnesium lotion for kids by The Base Collective, baby hand on tub Magnesium lotion for kids by The Base Collective multiple of 12 tubs
Bulk Sleepy Magnesium & Lavender Baby Balm 100g x 12 Sale price$153.00 USD Regular price$171.00 USD
Save $55.00Lavender baby wash with Magnesium by The base Collective in hand Lavender Baby Wash with Magnesium by The Base Collective multiple of 12 bottles
Bulk Little by TBC Magnesium & Lavender Hair + Body Wash 250ml (x 12) Sale price$165.00 USD Regular price$220.00 USD
Save $58.00All or Nothing Bundle
All or Nothing Bundle Sale price$355.00 USD Regular price$413.00 USD
Grey Bluetooth Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Sleep Mask Sale price$70.00 USD

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