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Ethics & Sustainability


Here at The Base Collective, ethical and sustainable practices aren’t just buzz phrases. We pride ourselves on creating skincare that is safe for us, safe for the planet, and all natural without any toxic components.


The Base Collective is owned and operated in Melbourne, Australia. All of our ingredients are sourced from Australia, except for our pure Magnesium Chloride, which is sourced directly from the Dead Sea. We pack all of our orders in our warehouse in Springvale, which is also where we operate our office!


We make Magnesium-based skincare with sensitive skin in mind - our products are not tested on animals (besides our children!); vegan friendly; dairy and gluten free.


Where we can, we like to be organic certified. Even when we can’t, we still use the most natural ingredients (and quite often these themselves are certified organic). We will always be transparent with our products - we list everything we use in each product on the label - not just the active ingredients. 


We work with local businesses as much as possible and prefer to support local creatives. Our most recent endeavour was commissioning Kerry Evitts to create a special Christmas gift packaging.


We also like to be able to pronounce all of the ingredients in our product packaging, which is BPA-free. As for online orders, we use as little plastic as possible and we try to use as much recyclable material in our shipping materials as we can - right down to recycled cardboard boxes, packing paper that can be recycled at home, compostable satchels and mailers, and recently making the switch to biodegradable packaging tape. Please note, if this option is not selected, we automatically pack our orders in gift packaging at checkout. However, this cannot be recycled.


We are so excited to announce that we are beginning the transition from our current BPA-free packaging to 100% biodegradable plastic - we aim for this to be completed by mid 2022.


We are dedicated to constantly improving how we operate our business and reducing our footprint has much as possible – don't worry, we will keep you updated every step of the way!