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Article: Friday Faves: Stuff for the Lil' Peeps

Friday Faves: Stuff for the Lil' Peeps

Friday Faves: Stuff for the Lil' Peeps

With 5 kidlets between us, we have been known to get mildly distracted by the ridiculously gorgeous offerings for kids these days on Instagram.

Here are a few of our faves - but be warned. It is way too easy to click on through and partake in some serious retail therapy or day dreaming sessions with these accounts!!

1. Mister Fly Kids (@misterflykids)

Mister Fly Kids completely satisfies our love of all things monochrome, simple and stylish. The neutral palette and cute but modern designs also make this a go-to for new arrival presents ... and maybe just a treat or two for ourselves!


2. Hubble and Duke (@hubbleandduke)

Ok we'll be really honest. We both know 3 moth olds do not need shoes. They really don't - at most maybe a pair of socks. But how can you say no when you have a pair of metallic Mary-Janes staring at you from your mobile while you are up at 2 am feeding? 


3. Jamie Kay (@jamiekaystore)

Simple style and clean lines wins us over every time and this NZ brand is no exception. Plus a little bit of quirk (ver the knee cat socks anyone?!) can go a long way too!


4. A Cup of Chic (@acupofchic)

Want a great selection of all the must have pieces (from a style point... not necessarily a practical point!)? A Cup of Chic has a gorgeous range of things you may not need, but you are going to want. 


5. Bloomingville Mini (@bloomingville_mini)

Focusing more on the interior side of life for your little peeps, Bloomingville Mini is pretty much how a childhood should look - at least on Instagram! 

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