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Article: How to give your pooch the perfect bath.

How to give your pooch the perfect bath.

How to give your pooch the perfect bath.

While dogs don’t require daily bathing as we do, they do need still need a good wash every now and then. How regular you should do it depends on several factors, such as the dog’s environment and type of coat.

Generally, dogs only need a bath once a month, but your trusty vet can give you advice on how much bathing is appropriate for your individual dog. 

Bathing your dog at home requires preparation, knowledge and risk of getting splashed! Here is a bit more about what you need to know.


    1. Start off by brushing your dog before the bath. Matted hair holds water which could irritate your pet’s skin, and also helps to remove excess dirt and debris. Remember to talk to your pet in a calm and reassuring voice to make them feel at ease during the bathing process!
    2. Fill a sink, a tub of water, or simply use a bucket or cup, to wet your dog. Use lukewarm water only, as hot water can burn dogs more easily. It also prevents them from overheating and remain as comfortable as possible.
    3. Next, use a squirt of our Pet Wellness Magnesium Wash. It’s a mild shampoo that cleans the coat and removes unwanted smells without stripping away important oils and adds shine to your pet’s coat. Work into a gentle lather and massage all over your dog’s body from the neck down. Use a damp cloth to wash your dog’s face, as it gives you more control around avoiding the eyes and ears area.
    4. Rinse well and repeat several times. That’s it! Any soap left can irritate the skin when they’re dry.
    5. Use a towel to absorb the excess water then let your dog air dry, as using a hairdryer can be too hot and the noise may irritate them. Expect your dog to have a serious case of the crazies while they dry off!
    6. Reward your dog with praise, petting, treats, or play. Whatever makes your dog feel good! Sometimes it helps to treat yourself too.





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