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Article: What is pH balanced skincare?

What is pH balanced skincare?

What is pH balanced skincare?

So you’ve heard our Magnesium body washes are pH balanced, but what does that actually mean for you and your skin?


Quick recap: pH is a scale that measures acidity and alkalinity. Zero is the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline, while 7 is neutral.

Skin's natural pH level falls around 5.5. The slight acidity acts as a barrier function to retain moisture and protect the skin from germs and bad bacteria.

When using a wash that’s too alkaline (such as soap-based cleansers), it can strip the skin’s natural barrier. This can lead your skin to become unbalanced and in turn, cause side effects such as dryness, inflammation and irritation.

Besides protection and hydration, keeping your skin levels balanced can pay off in other ways. When your skin’s pH levels are functioning and healthy, it can soak up all of the natural goodness found in our Magnesium skincare.

Our Magnesium & White Tea Wash will balance your skin without stripping its natural oils and moisture. Gentle on the most sensitive skin but also tough on the dirtiest, our Magnesium & White Tea Wash is award-winning for a reason. It’s formulated with more than 40% organic Aloe Vera juice along with other natural and organic ingredients and infused with Magnesium to eliminate dryness associated with frequent washing. 

The delicate combination will leave your skin soft, smooth and nourished and most importantly, thoroughly cleansed. Replenish your bathroom with our larger 500ml size, or try it out with our smaller 350ml edition.

Or, you can try our combination with Rose or Hemp and Lemongrass if you're after a floral or zesty scent!


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