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What are the best part of our products, is something that we are often asked.

The best part? We answer. The best part is hearing how people's skin, and therefore their lives, are transformed. 

Read below to find out how our skincare has played a role in elevating our customers' skin to its very best.


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Magnesium & White Tea Wash 500ml

"Love this product. I have always suffered from really dry skin, you know the kind when you take your pants off and you end up with a cloud of skin dust from your legs. Since using the body wash I have found my skin less irritated, no longer dry and overall my muscles and joints feel better for it too."

- Lainie.

Magnesium Oil Spray

"I use this on sore legs and neck. It rubs in easily and within minutes I start feeling better than i did. This stuff works well and i wouldn’t hesitate in promoting it to others."

- Bron A.



Beauty Sleep Wash with Magnesium & Lavender

"Love this body wash of magnesium & lavender, you only need the smallest amount on your sponge or face washer to get a beautiful lather with the most divine subtle smell. Lovely to use before bed time."

- Deidre.

Magnesium Oil Spray

"A light spray across the shoulders and soles of my feet just before bed - not sure what it is but I’ve not slept this soundly in years. Magical!"

- Rae.


 Magnesium & White Tea Wash

"The Magnesium and White Tea Wash has been a very luxurious addition to my skincare regime! It has a beautiful scent and I use it in the shower before bed and it has really helped my sleep! I believe it has also helped to smooth out my skin and reduce some of the redness. I think this is a great product for anyone to use!"

- Georgina G.

Magnesium & Vitamin E Cream

"The Magnesium and Vitamin E cream is a wonderfully gentle and soothing formula that left skin feeling nourished and hydrated. I loved that it soaked into skin and the benefits lasted throughout the day. A rich cream that supported overall skin health and brought a beautiful glow to everyday!"

- Kylie T.



Magnesium & Vitamin E Cream

"The Magnesium & Vitamin E Cream was easy to apply and absorbed quickly into my skin leaving no sticky residue. My skin feels much more hydrated and I can see the redness has disappeared.  As a side note to this, in the current environment of hand sanitising, I have found my hands are not dry and are feeling much softer as I have been using this cream on them."

- Tracy D.

Little by TBC Baby Balm with Magnesium & Lavender

"This cream is divine! It’s silky smooth and soaks in quickly (but not too quick). I can use it for baby massage but also a quick moisturise after bath time on those tired nights. It smells AMAZING and I can still faintly smell it on bubs skin when getting up for a feed in the night. LOVE!!"

- Josie.


 Magnesium Oil Spray

"This is the bomb! Loving the relief I getting for my tight sore shoulders and no sticky residue either."

- Kate.

Magnesium & White Tea Wash 500ml

"I’ve always used supermarket body wash, and I knew I needed a change. My body is aging, and even my arms have developed red eczema type patches. Dr recommended creams, but I got lazy and they stuck around. Believe me when I say THIS BODY WASH has cleared my shoulders right up, and perfect when your tone poor to add creams to your regime. My skin feels so soft and amazing. Looks it too! You won’t look back! I’ve just ordered two more bottled (though it goes a long way). SO happy I found this body wash! I won’t look back!" 

- Ash S.


Beauty Sleep Wash with Magnesium & Lavender

"I adore this bedtime wash. It smells amazing, makes your skin feel great and really gives you that relaxing feeling. Perfect for washing the day away."

- Ashlea V.

Magnesium Bath Salts

"Soaked in a bath for 20 minutes and had instant relief for muscles after intensive exercise. This is my game changer for post exercise recovery. Will be sharing with my trainer and friends!! Yes!! Thank you for an unreal product."

- Brooke.


Pet Wellness Bundle

"I’m loving the pet bath wash and spray. Smells beautiful and stops the itching. At first my dog was alarmed being spritzed but he’s now used to it especially after being outdoors and in the park, a few spritzes on the pads of his feet and he’s almost stopped the constant biting! I also spray and massage into his back two legs that are stiff from his age (13) and it seems to really help. "

- Michelle C.

Beauty Sleep Spray with Magnesium & Lavender

"First two nights of deep sleep since entering third trimester, with 6 weeks to go. Thank you!"

- Alexandria F.



Little By TBC Hair & Body Wash

"We have a 3 year old and 18 month old twins, our twins have eczema and hyper sensitive skin, our 3 year old is wild. This calms everyone down at bath time as well as soothing skin conditions with no reactions!"

- Gina B.

Mini Magnesium Oil Spray

"These are excellent products, I use them every day, I get a lot of leg and foot cramps and these products ease the cramping, I recommend them to anyone who suffers from nocturnal cramps, and they also help with sleeping, since I have been using these products my sleep has improved a lot and I can sleep up to 7 hours a night instead of just 3-4 hours."

- Daphne G.


Beauty Sleep Balm with Magnesium & Lavender

"A beautiful product, my skin is always smooth, I feel relaxed after using and really do think it has helped me sleep better during lockdown. Thank you!"

- Caitlin W.

Little by TBC Pillow Spray

"We LOVE this product in our house. It’s become a part of our bedtime routine with our 2yr old. He helps spray his room with the ‘magic spray’ once the lights go out (it also helps him have a restful sleep too!). Oh, and the smell is divine!"

- Danielle P.