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Reusable Silicone Ultra Infusion Face Mask

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The only face mask you will EVER need, literally!

Our Reusable Ultra Infusion Silicone Face Mask is made from advanced silicone technology that locks in serums and moisturisers so they can do their job better than ever before.

It’s also non-porous and prevents evaporation, which means your skincare is more effectively absorbed every time and what's even better is you can say goodbye to disposable sheet masks that pollute the environment, and hello to a single mask that you can use again and again and again!

When you purchase our Mask, you'll also receive 4 x 5ml Glow Triple Restore Serum Sachets and a stylish keep case to hygienically store your mask. 

 Why is the Reusable Ultra Infusion Silicone Face Mask so special?

Not only does this product intensify the environment for your skincare but you are helping to solve the problem of disposable, single-use sheet masks being the new plastic straws in that the waste they produce is significantly contributing to landfills.

This sustainable, reusable product is designed to be an environmentally friendly alternative and is one of Australia's first. 


How to use:

Apply a layer of any skincare cream or serum that you want to help soak in (in the pack you will receive 4 x  Glow Restore Triple Serum sachets) to your face then use the loops on either side of the mask to hook around your ears for stability. Wait 5-10 minutes and then remove mask. Wash remaining product off and follow with your favourite moisturiser - we recommend our Magnesium and Vitamin E cream for a super smooth and hydrated skin. Then simply wash the mask with gentle soap and warm water, allow to air dry and store in case ready for its next use.

Common questions:

Can I use other skincare products with this mask? 

Yes absolutely, you can use this mask with any cream or serum. 

How do I wash the mask after I have used it? 

Simply wipe off any excess cream or serum and wash under warm water with a mild soap. Allow to air dry and then put back in its keep case for next use.

How often can I use the mask? 

As often as you like! We have some people who use it every morning with their face creams and serums so their skin is super hydrated before applying their makeup and others who like to use it once a week as part of their self-care routine. 

My skin was slightly pink straight after using the mask?

This can happen as the mask is creating an intense occlusive barrier allowing the skincare to be absorbed deeply and quickly. When using this mask with any active serum or cream (think retinol, niacinamide, or Vitamin C) it intensifies the experience of any skincare product so we recommend patch testing and if using a highly active serum (yes we like active skincare too) to only put it on for a couple of minutes the first time. Please don’t be alarmed if you feel a tingle and experience redness when using your Triple Glow Restore Serum we have provided with the Reusable Ultra Infusion Mask. This is completely normal reaction to the high percentage of Niacinamide and how you know the skincare is working! Most people experience less redness with each subsequent use. Begin with 5 - 10 minutes and gradually build up the time to 20 minutes. Follow with your favorite moisturiser to soothe and get excited for the glow that will appear!  It's #timetotingle


One size fits most.


Customer Reviews

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Jules Cassidy (Melbourne, AU)
Reusable Silicone Ultra Infusion Face Mask is the absolute BEST mask I have ever used

I only tried this mask for the first time a couple of days ago - and I was sold the first time I tried it.
I bought one for my friend today after raving about it to her!
When it comes to skin care - I am all enthused for the first week or so - and then laziness sets in!
This mask is SO easy - you just cover your face with the serum - put the silicone mask on so that the serum ‘melts’ into your skin - and after twenty minutes on so - take the mask off - and you’re done!
I put the mask on in bed - I love the fact you don’t have to wash the mask off - and it leaves my skin feeling wonderful and glowing
Love! Love! LOVE!

Michelle Baker (Capalaba, AU)
Impressive service!!

Reasonable pricing, really quick delivery, super high quality product and a few extra treats thrown in the parcel that I was not expecting. The package made my week!

Carly Massey (Melbourne, AU)
Amazing Mask

Love the reusable mask. The serum is fantastic. I actually enjoy the tingling feeling. I also use my silicone mask with other serums and treatments to give them an extra boost.

Love it!

Love this mask

Jane S
Love love love

I tried this for the first time last night and it was great. The serum soaked right in and my skin was so nice and pink afterwards and the next day my makeup applied beautifully. Can't wait to ty it with my other skincare serums.

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