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Article: How Magnesium can help your skin - from Blemishes to Anti-Ageing

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How Magnesium can help your skin - from Blemishes to Anti-Ageing

There is a lot of talk about how Magnesium can help your body - whether it be to manage pain, help muscle recovery, get a better nights sleep or ward off a headache.

But Magnesium has another amazing function that we haven't delved into until now.

Your skin. The largest organ in (on?!) your body actually responds incredibly well to topical Magnesium treatments. From managing acne to helping reduce the signs of ageing we cover off the how's and why's of using Magnesium as part of your skincare routine. 

How to use The Base Collective range to support skin health. 

  1. Our Magnesium & White Tea Wash is gentle enough to use as a face wash and is also pH balanced so it won’t strip your skin of essential oils or encourage excess sebum production. It is also all natural and perfect for sensitive skin types. 
  1. Our Magnesium & Vitamin E cream can do double duty as a face cream and it is a lovely way to introduce Magnesium into your daily skincare regime. It is also very hydrating and perfect for sensitive skins. 
  1. Our Magnesium Oil is brilliant for managing pimples. Simply dab a little onto the area and let it work its magic. Don’t forget to apply your daily dose to your stomach as well to increase your Magnesium levels overall and help support your skin health holistically.


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Redness and inflammation 


We all have heard the benefits of Magnesium for relaxation, but did you know it is also incredibly beneficial for relaxation (aka calming redness) of the skin - making it the perfect addition to those suffering from blemishes and generalised redness of the skin. 

Our White Tea & Magnesium Wash is perfect for blemish prone skin as it has over 40% organic aloe vera as its base, and this combined with the benefits of magnesium work together to sooth redness, reduce inflamed skin and stop the skin producing excess oil and therefore works to get blemishes under control. Use it as a face and body wash knowing that it is 100% natural and organic with no added nasties. 

Follow by using our Magnesium & Vitamin E Cream to help moisturise and restore blemish prone skin back to its natural balanced state. Believe it or not most people who have blemishes think they should be 'drying' their skin out, when in fact this in turn leads to the skin naturally producing excess oil to compensate and resulting in more blemishes! This cream is 100% natural and will help to restore the skin to its natural balanced state.

Hot tip - dab our iconic Magnesium Oil directly onto any spots and watch them disappear the next day!


Helping to get a good nights sleep

While essential for energy production, Magnesium is also critical in the body’s end of day wind-down process and getting a good nights sleep.

And why is sleep important for acne? Because without sleep your stress levels increase (upping those cortisol levels again), inflammation can worsen (further aggravating your acne) and it can compromise your immune systems ability to help fight the bacteria linked to acne. Put simply – good sleep supports good skin. 

Reducing Inflammation

Magnesium has long been recognised for its anti-inflammatory properties and this makes it perfect for supporting skin health across a variety of conditions including acne.


 W R I N K L E S  &  A N T I - A G E I N G 

Helping Maintain Elasticity & Moisture

When you are deficient in Magnesium (and upto 80% of the population are) this tends to results in lower levels of fatty acids on the skin. Without these fatty acids your skin will lose elasticity and moisture and create the perfect environment for dryness and lack of tone, which in turn equals wrinkles.

 Try our Magnesium & White Tea for a luxurious balm to hydrate and promote collagen production naturally in the skin.  

DNA Replication

Magnesium is an essential for the enzymes that support DNA repair and replication. Without Magnesium, these processes can slow down and in turn speed up the signs of ageing.


Collagen Function

Magnesium helps support the synthesis of collagen and a lack of collagen as we age is one of the key factors in wrinkles.

Fighting Free Radicals

Without adequate Magnesium, your skin is far more susceptible to harmful free radical damage that can ultimately lead to wrinkling and skin damage. This is because Magnesium is needed for the production of glutathione, which is a key antioxidant that fights free radicals and the damage they can cause.



The Calming Effect

Magnesium has been referred to as “the original chill pill” and that applies to our skin as much as for our body’s nervous system. It is an especially effective calming agent for suffers of redness and sensitive skin and transdermal Magnesium is recommended by skin therapists and dermatologists as delivering the most benefit to sufferers of these conditions.


    So, really, why wouldn't you try it out?

    TBC xoxo


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