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Ultimate Face Bundle

'My skin has never looked better'

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Sunscreen Tint:

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Ultimate Face Bundle

Ultimate Face Bundle

Glow - Most suited to light skin tones

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Our Ultimate Face Bundle uses the magic of Magnesium Skincare to create a skincare routine that is uncomplicated, no-fuss and will leave your face feeling hydrated, reduce inflammation and provide a natural, dewy glow to your skin.

Suitable for all skin types to promote naturally healthy skin with a strong functioning barrier. Suitable for blemish, acne and eczema-prone skin and delicate on all skin types including sensitive skin. The Ultimate Face Bundle is designed to protect, revitalise and nourish your skin each and every day.

The Mineral Sunscreen comes in two tints, both massage in to have minimal tint and no white cast common with traditional mineral sunscreens. Glow is recommended for fair skin and Bronze for those who have warmer skin tones. Bronze is our best seller. 

Proudly Australian made and owned | Vegan friendly and cruelty-free | Made from natural and organic ingredients excluding dairy, nut and gluten

This bundle includes:

Magnesium pH Balanced Wash 350ml (RRP $24):
  • This wash combines aloe vera juice, olive leaf extract, macadamia oil and safflower oil with the power of Magnesium to cleanse the skin whilst maintaining an optimal pH of 4.5-5.5 leaving the all important lipid barrier in tact. Will remove makeup and suitable for eczema and blemish prone skin.
  • Read more here
Magnesium & Vitamin E Cream 100ml (RRP $34):
  • This light formula contains a high percentage of Magnesium along with nourishing ingredients such as organic shea butter, sunflower oil, organic cocoa butter to help the Magnesium penetrate the skin to the deep layers and encourage remineralisation and healthy skin performance.
  • This formula helps to decrease redness and maintain hydration.
  • Suitable for blemishes, eczema prone and sensitive skin. 
  • Read more here

Glow Restore Triple Serum 30ml (RRP $55):

  • Our clever combination of Magnesium Chloride and Hyaluronic Acid 1% works to relieve dry and dull skin by intensively nourishing for long-term hydration, locking moisture within the skin’s barrier for a gorgeous glowing complexion.
  • Infused with Niacinamide 5% to control sebum production, reduce redness and inflammation and encourage skin cell generation that minimises signs of premature ageing to achieve an even skin tone, these ingredients also boost our body's natural collagen production resulting in smoother, firmer skin. It really is a true multipurpose serum and perfect for multiple skin types including blemishes, eczema and sensitive skin. 
  • Read more here

SPF50 Hydrating Facial Mineral Sunscreen + Hyaluronic Acid 110mL (RRP $39) A tinted, hydrating, daily SPF 50 broad spectrum physical sunscreen to protect you from UVA, UVB and UVC rays whilst hydrating your skin to provide a nice glow!

  • A tinted, hydrating, daily SPF 50 broad spectrum physical sunscreen to protect you from UVA, UVB and UVC rays whilst hydrating your skin to provide a nice glow!
  • Formulated with hyaluronic acid, sunflower, magnesium and jojoba seed oils to provide powerful hydration and antioxidant protection against premature ageing. No white cast like most physical sunscreens and tinted to suit most skin types. Can be worn alone or under makeup and won't pill - you're welcome. 
  • Read more here

How to use:

1. Cleanse morning and night with the Magnesium pH balanced cleanser.

2. Apply a thin layer of the Glow Restore Triple Serum to your face.

3. Apply a thin layer of the Magnesium & Vitamin E Cream.

4. Follow with the 

SPF50 Hydrating Facial Mineral Sunscreen to protect your face from UV rays throughout the day.

The information provided by The Base Collective is not intended to be used as medical advice and should not take the place of professional or medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professionals with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition.

Ultimate Face Bundle
Ultimate Face Bundle Sale price$137.00 USD Regular price$143.00 USD
Magnesium Chloride Flakes by The Base Collective open packet pouring into an open palm against white background.

DO you experience any of these symptoms?

  • Poor sleep
  • Stress
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Low mood and poor concentration
  • Poor recovery
  • Bloating
  • Restless Legs
  • Muscle Cramps

Getting enough magnesium could be transformative in improving your health and wellbeing. We make it easy for you to prioritise Magnesium with products you will use everyday.



Customer Reviews

Based on 230 reviews
Love this!

Absolutely love this sunscreen it was the first clean product I found that didn't cause my skin to break out.

Rebecca Garvie
My favourite sunscreen

I love this sunscreen with the added magnesium. It's by far my favourite and I've tried many!


This serum is absolutely beautiful, leaves my skin feeling amazing, hydrated and smooth

Jennifer Jones
Daily go-to

I’m only just starting to use an SPF daily on my face in my mid 30s. Sadly…! Wish I had started earlier.
First I was using a chemical SPF but when I looked into what’s in those I decided to try a physical SPF instead, especially as I wanted something I could use every day.
It’s a fairly thick, slightly sticky consistency when it goes on which was a bit unusual coming from a typical face moisturiser user but now I love it. The tint allows the zinc to absorb without any white residue and my skin has actually been so supple and smooth since! I didn’t expect my skin to feel so much better. I don’t wear any make up over the top and my skin looks clear and glowy. I have super sensitive skin so I’m very pleased with this. I pair with their face cleanser and also use the magnesium spray on my body every night.

Sab Capsis-Mills
Love this set!!

The red mag face serum is the bomb!


I'm on a mission to weave Magnesium into every busy persons world. As a Pharmacist and busy mum to 3 boys I know that if you only have time to do one thing for your health and wellbeing you should make it Magnesium. Safe, purposeful and made with only the most natural ingredients The Base Collective products are designed to fit seamlessly into one’s life no matter who you are. With Magnesium being involved in over 300 processes within the body there’s no wonder it’s one of the key minerals in overall body health. *Research shows however that over 70% of the population are deficient in Magnesium. That’s where The Base Collective comes in. As one of Australia’s leading Magnesium-companies, I pride myself on combining Magnesium with other non-toxic ingredients to care for your skin, your body and your overall wellness. Whether it’s balancing skin, relieving sore muscles or promoting restful sleep, The Base Collective’s Magnesium based products offer a ‘no nasties’ way for you to help your body thrive. Let's make it easy for you to get your Magnesium.

Cassie Sanghvi

Pharmacist and Founder of The Base Collective


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